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Meet Dr. Jacob

Dr. Jacob Swart is a physical therapist, coach and athlete. In addition to receiving his doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Ohio University, Jacob is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and CrossFit Level 1 coach. Prior to physical therapy school, Jacob completed an internship at an athletic performance enhancement facility where he helped develop specific training programs for various levels of field, court, and strength athletes as well as helping general population reach their health and wellness goals. Since that time, Jacob has worked with the men and women of the United States Air Force, current and former NFL players, US Olympics, multiple collegiate sports, CEOs, and desk jockeys alike. 

He is passionate about using his advanced background in strength and conditioning in conjunction with his training in manual therapy, performance dry needling and joint manipulations to help his clients reduce their risk of injury and perform at an optimal level. His goal is to help people get out of pain, optimize performance, and ultimately, become the best version of themselves. When Jacob is not working, he enjoys exploring Atlanta with his wife, Jessica, their son Julian, and Bulldog King Louie, sports of all kinds and hiking the many trails Georgia has to offer.