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Best Performance Physical Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

We help motivated people get out of pain and back to living high capacity lifestyles through our performance physical therapy services.

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Is pain holding you back from working out, playing sports, or just being active with friends and family?

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Athletes' Potential Physical Therapy in Atlanta

3 Step Therapy Process

Find Your Pain's Root Cause

We will make sure you are 100% clear on your exact diagnosis.

You'll find out exactly what is wrong with you and why it occurred in the first place.

Understand Your Problem

Receive a custom plan based on your diagnosis.

You'll be equipped with specific exercises and hands-on treatment to start attacking your problem.

Provide a Long Term Solution

Get back to the workouts, sports, and activities you love!

Take control of your health with the skills and knowledge in our sessions to last a lifetime.

Our Atlanta Physical Therapy Services

Offering therapeutic physical therapy services specific to you and your goals to help you get out of pain and stay out of pain.

Performance Physiotherapy

A refreshingly personalized approach to healthcare that not only gets you out of pain, but enhances your overall performance.

Post Surgical Rehab

Our Docs combine elite backgrounds in human performance with a deep understanding of injury rehabilitation to confidently help people return fully after surgery.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the strategic placement of a thin needle into spots known as trigger points to alleviate pain. When describing dry needling, our go-to analogy is a sniper.

Blood Flow Restriction

This advanced treatment method takes advantage of your hormonal response to exercise versus mechanical to eliminate pain fast. More on this exciting treatment found here.

Life is too short to avoid the activities you love.

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Meet the Athletes' Potential
Atlanta Physical Therapy Team

Claire Fetter

Operations Manager
Nutrition Coach

More on Claire

Dr. Jacob Swart

Physical Therapist

More on Dr. Jacob

Dr. Sam Gillespie

Physical Therapist

More on Dr. Sam

Dr. Caleb Warnimont

Physical Therapist

More on Dr. Caleb

Dr. Mike Jones

Physical Therapist

More on Dr. Mike

Joe Szymanek

Head Strength Coach

More on Coach Joe

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Phone: 470-355-2106
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Physical Therapy in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta - Decatur Physical Therapy Location

Athletes' Potential

533 W Howard Ave C1 Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: (470) 355-2106

Atlanta - Brookhaven Physical Therapy Location

Athletes' Potential - The Rack Athletic Performance Center

1824 Briarwood Industrial Ct NE STE 2, Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (470) 355-2106

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