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From extreme hip pain when running to crushing her goals.
​This is Katie's story.​

From losing all hope to experiencing life changing results. 
This is Rebecca's story.​

From frustrating shoulder pain to back in the gym.
​This is Stephen's story.​

From terrible back pain to the best shape of his life. 
This is Fred's story.​

From injured runner to life long pain-free runner.
This is Karen's story.​

All the tools you need to get out of pain and stay out of pain.

We are here to listen to your needs regarding your health. Our dedicated therapists will build a healthcare plan specific to those needs where we relieve your pain, fix the root cause of the problem, and teach you how to keep it from coming back!

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LaWanda B.

Dr. Jacob Swart is AMAZING! I feel instant results when I see him!

Tim C.

I’ve put in 15+ years as a strength and conditioning coach and 8+ as a doctor of physical therapy. One thing that’s become crystal clear is that not all physical therapy is created equal. If you’re looking for more than a band aid approach to health care and you’ve got serious goals as an athlete or high-end performer on any field of work or play, Athlete’s Potential is the place for you.

Matthew Z.

Athletes’ Potential is amazing! They figured out the root cause of my pain and gave me the tools to take care of myself. I am so happy with the entire staff. I would definitely encourage you to see them if you are having any pain or want to improve your sport performance. Best in Atlanta!

Yves G.

I can't believe the amazing level of care and how well they treated me at Athlete's potential. For anyone dealing with pain or performance issues you need to go visit Athlete's potential!



Tim V.

World class physical therapists at this office. If you're been dealing with some sort of pain or injury and are looking to get back to an active lifestyle, their is no other place to consider.

Dave P.

These PTs are the best in the Atlanta area and the ones to see for all your movement and pain problems. The Docs are so much more than just PTs, but much more like movement and performance ninjas. Whatever your goals are you have to check these guys out!

Life is too short to avoid the activities you love.

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