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For Active People With Shoulder Pain Who Wish They Knew Exactly What to Do and How to Stop Shoulder Pain For Good

Dr. Matt Longfellow

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When it comes to shoulder dpain, everyone we encounter shares a common inquiry:

Why Is This Happening To Me? Why Am I Still¬†Dealing With This Pain After Enduring It For Half A Year, Sometimes Even Longer? ‚Äč

Many individuals assume that when they experience neck or shoulder pain, it will naturally dissipate over time. They anticipate waking up one day, and as if by some sort of magic, the pain will have vanished. Yet, after six months, they find themselves still contending with persistent discomfort, often worse than when it initially arose.

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Does This Resonate With You?

Another situation we frequently observe in our physical therapy clinic involves individuals seeking medical advice, only to be advised by their doctor to rest and "try these pain relievers" to "see how it progresses." However, six weeks later, they return to the same doctor because there has been no improvement, only to receive yet another prescription for even more potent medication. 

Has This Ever Happened To You?‚Äč

Perhaps you are feeling bewildered because you've received conflicting advice from different sources. It's possible that you believe your issue lies in your neck, only to discover it's actually originating from your shoulder. Identifying the exact source of the problem in this area of the body can be quite perplexing, often leading individuals to delay in making a decision about how to address their neck and shoulder pain. Unfortunately, many end up resigning themselves to accepting it as a normal or inevitable part of life.

Do You Recognize Any Of These Situations? ‚Ä謆

If You're Currently Grappling With Neck And/Or Shoulder Pain, Here Are Seven Additional Reasons Why It Might Be Persisting Longer Than It Should:‚Äč

  1. You initially believed it would naturally subside, but it didn't.
  2. You visited a doctor who advised rest and painkillers, but the medication provided no relief, and the pain returned as soon as it wore off.
  3. A family member or friend suggested that neck and shoulder pain is a common part of aging, so you simply accepted it.
  4. You sought assistance from other healthcare professionals or a physical therapist in the past, but nothing they recommended or did seemed to alleviate the issue.
  5. You attempted remedies like heating pads or TENS units, but they had no discernible impact on alleviating the pain.
  6. You figured giving your neck or shoulder a break might help, but the irritation persists on a daily basis.
  7. You opted for a few "massages" in the hopes of resolving the pain, but they only provided temporary relaxation and did not address the underlying issue.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we're eager to assist you. Consider scheduling a call with one of our Physical Therapists to explore potential solutions. The fact that you've tried these methods indicates that we now know what doesn't work, bringing us closer to finding what does. Click the button below to arrange a call for some valuable guidance:

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People Frequently Inquire About How To Alleviate¬† Shoulder Pain, And Here Are Four Recommended Steps:‚Äč

  1. Firstly, it's crucial to make a decisive move towards seeking assistance. Many individuals delay seeking help, assuming that the pain will naturally dissipate over time. However, six months later, they find themselves still enduring it, often with no improvement, or even a worsening of the situation.
  2. Subsequently, engage in the appropriate exercises. Performing a targeted series of progressive exercises, recommended by a Physical Therapist, can significantly help alleviate neck and/or shoulder pain. These exercises not only reduce discomfort but also facilitate free movement and work towards preventing future issues.
  3. Avoid adopting uncomfortable sitting and sleeping postures. Have you ever awakened with a sore neck? Or experienced shoulder tightness after a prolonged period of sitting? This is often a result of poor posture while sitting and sleeping. It's immensely beneficial to receive tailored strengthening exercises to improve posture, in addition to hands-on treatment, enabling a swift return to an active and healthy lifestyle.
  4. Seek hands-on Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy has a proven track record of effectively addressing neck and shoulder pain. At Athletes' Potential Columbus, it's one of the most common concerns they encounter. If your pain is impacting your work, disrupting your sleep, hindering your activity levels, or impeding your ability to enjoy quality time with loved ones, Physiotherapy can expedite your return to the fulfilling life you deserve.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we're eager to assist you. Consider scheduling a call with one of our Physical Therapists to explore potential solutions. The fact that you've tried these methods indicates that we now know what doesn't work, bringing us closer to finding what does. Click the button below to arrange a call for some valuable guidance:

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Please note: This Free Total Body Diagnostic session is available for individuals who may feel apprehensive or doubtful about Physical Therapy, uncertain about its advantages or suitability for their needs. If this resonates with you, we encourage you to start with a Free Total Body Diagnostic session. This way, we can collaborate with you to identify the issue and recommend a course of action, all without any financial commitment on your part.

How Can Consulting A Physical Therapist At¬†Athletes' Potential Columbus Aid In Alleviating Shoulder Pain? ‚Äč

  • We can swiftly alleviate pain and stiffness, often within just a few sessions.‚Äč
  • We can provide you with a thorough understanding of the underlying issue, addressing the root cause of your shoulder pain in as little as 20 minutes.‚Äč
  • Pain can drain your energy and disrupt your sleep, but we can help you regain restful nights and boost your daily vitality.‚Äč
  • We will ensure that your problem is rectified and healed correctly, equipping you with a tailored set of exercises to expedite your recovery.‚Äč
  • We can assist you in reducing or eliminating your dependence on painkillers, which may not be conducive to your long-term health.‚Äč
  • We can help you circumvent risky neck or shoulder surgeries and the discomfort of injections.‚Äč
  • By addressing your condition proactively, we can minimize your visits to the doctor's office.‚Äč
  • We can empower you to reclaim enjoyable moments with family and friends that neck and shoulder pain may have taken from you.‚Äč
  • Finally, we can guide you towards achieving a restful night's sleep, without the frustration of constant tossing and turning.

‚ÄčEssentially, the Physical Therapy Team at Athletes' Potential Columbus¬†is dedicated to helping you reclaim a life free from daily, bothersome, and persistent neck and shoulder pain.

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Dr. Matt Longfellow, PT, DPT, SCS, SFG-II
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