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Does this sound like you?

Pain preventing you from exercising? Are you worried that an injury will stop you from doing the activities you love? Have you been dealing with a chronic injury that won't go away? Have you seen other medical providers in the past with no long lasting changes in your pain?

We focus on solving these problems with our patients. Life is a lot more fun when you are pain free and performing the activities you love. We help you live the high performance, pain-free life you deserve.

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Our Commitment to Our Patients 

On time, always. One-on-one for a full 60 minutes with your doctor, for every visit. We create a customized plan designed for you and your specific injury. There will always be transparency in what you pay. You'll never get a bill from us 2 months after your visit. Most importantly, we are available for you. Have a question? Get an answer from your doctor directly.

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Athletes' Potential Has a Ton to Offer

Physical Therapy

Spend less time away from the gym!

From Crossfit, to Tennis, to Triathlons, although the sport may vary, limited mobility, pain and injuries are always frustrating.

As athletes ourselves, we understand firsthand this frustration of pain and injuries, and we are committed to getting you back to your peak performance.

Using cutting-edge, evidence-based therapy, collaborations with local gyms/boxes and individualized plans, we work with you towards a stronger, more resilient body.

Sports Injury Clinic

We help athletes of all ages return to full activity after a sport injury. The team at Athletes' Potential has extensive experience working with athletes of all ages achieve recoveries catered specifically to their needs.

  • Step #1: Keep the muscle you have and ensure proper healing conditions.
  • Step #2: Rebuilding control and athletic foundation.
  • Step #3: Retraining high level athleticism and effective return to sport. 

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dry needling is the strategic placement of a thin needle into spots known as trigger points to alleviate pain. When describing dry needling, our go-to analogy is a sniper.

If you’ve been struggling with an injury or pain that’s stopping you from the activities you love, this might be a very effective treatment option for you. 

Life is too short to avoid the activities you love.

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