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How Injured Runners, Golfers, Cyclists & Other Athletes Can Get Fit (...And Stay Fit) And Recover From Frustrating Sports Injuries That Keep You From Enjoying Sports And Being Active

Dr. Matt Longfellow

Leading Doctor of Physical Therapy, Columbus, OH

A Message From Dr. Matt Longfellow

If you’ve recently picked up a Sports Injury, or if you’ve been suffering with an injury for a while – it can be very tempting to pass it off as “nothing serious” and simply “put up with it” carrying on as best you can.

Or, it can be very easy to get disheartened and end up feeling “stuck”, wondering if you’ll ever be able to get back to playing sports or keeping active like you used to…

If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone – we see people going through this all the time. In fact, we see people living with an injury from sports and exercise in our physio clinics in Columbus, OH no matter what time of year.

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Traditionally, Doctors and medical professionals will just tell people to “rest” or to just simply stop doing that activity. In our opinion, this is ridiculous and is actually causing more harm and increasing your risk for future injuries. This is because by resting our muscles begin to atrophy and become weak! It explains why so many people suffering with a sports injury are asking themselves:

“It’s Been Months Now - So Why Am I STILL Suffering With An Injury That’s Stopping Me From Being Active And Playing My Favorite Sport?”


A common misconception is that a few days of rest will suffice to heal a sports injury, allowing a swift return to regular exercise. However, often, when individuals attempt to resume their workouts, they find themselves experiencing even more discomfort than before. Typically, there is minimal to no pain when at rest, but as soon as they engage in exercise again, the pain resurfaces and doesn't seem to improve, regardless of the length of their breaks.


Does This Situation Resonate With You?

In our clinic, we frequently encounter a scenario where patients visit a doctor who advises rest and suggests trying pain relievers, only to return four weeks later with no improvement, receiving the same advice of more rest and a stronger prescription.

The challenge with sports injuries lies in the fact that rest isn't always the most effective remedy. So, if you find yourself frustrated after seeking advice from various sources and receiving conflicting information, know that you're not alone. It's easy to mistake a back injury for a hip problem because they can present similar symptoms.

Sports injuries are often misdiagnosed because the source of pain may be in an entirely different area from where the issue lies. Prolonged periods of rest can also lead to weakness in other parts of the body, making them equally susceptible to injury.

Regrettably, this uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness of "rest" often leads to further procrastination and avoidance of decisions that could aid in the healing process and a return to regular exercise. What's even more disheartening is that many individuals come to accept a less active lifestyle, considering it to be normal or unavoidable.


Do You Relate To Any Of These Situations?

If You're Currently Dealing With A Sports Injury And Feeling Frustrated, Here Are Seven More Reasons Why It Might Be Persisting Longer Than Expected:

  1. You anticipated it would resolve on its own, but it didn't.
  2. You visited a doctor who advised rest, wearing support, and taking painkillers. However, the medication provided no relief, and once it wore off, you were back in excruciating pain.
  3. A family member or friend mentioned that everyone becomes more susceptible to sports injuries as they age, leading you to accept it.
  4. You sought assistance from other healthcare professionals or a physiotherapist in the past, but their advice or treatment didn't seem to make a difference.
  5. You attempted using methods like heating pads, ice, and sports supports, but they didn't alleviate the pain or help you return to exercise comfortably.
  6. You believed resting would be a good idea due to the intense pain, but it continues to bother you daily.
  7. You opted for "sports massages" in the hope of alleviating the pain, but they only provided temporary relief and didn't address the underlying injury.

If any of these situations sound familiar, we invite you to schedule a call with one of our physical therapists to explore potential solutions. By having tried any or all of these approaches, you're already on the path to finding a resolution!

Click the button below to arrange a call with us if you'd like to receive expert advice over the phone. The call is complimentary, and there's no obligation to schedule any appointments with us afterward. Our aim is to assist you in making the best decision regarding your next steps.

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"What Can I Do to Swiftly Relieve My Pain?”

Here are four steps you can take:

  1. Firstly, you need to make a decision about seeking assistance. Many individuals delay addressing their issues, hoping that the pain will eventually subside over time. However, they find themselves still enduring it six months later with no improvement. In some cases, it may even worsen, leading to complete inactivity in sports or other activities.
  2.  Then, engage in the appropriate exercises. A physical therapist will provide detailed instructions and demonstrate the correct way to perform them. Doing the right set of advanced exercises can significantly accelerate your recovery and help prevent further injuries. These exercises, when prescribed by a PT, can alleviate pain while allowing you to regain mobility swiftly.
  3.  Avoid excessive rest. While rest is crucial for the recovery process, excessive inactivity won't speed up your recovery. Many people mistakenly believe that complete immobility is necessary for healing. However, adequate blood circulation is vital for the healing of an injury, and too much rest can impede this process. What your body truly needs is appropriate rehabilitation and strengthening exercises, coupled with hands-on therapy, to facilitate a speedy and healthy recovery.
  4.  Seek professional, hands-on Physical Therapy. Therapeutic massage has been proven to be beneficial for those dealing with sports injuries. At Athletes' Potential Columbus, we assist individuals in recovering from sports-related ailments year-round. If your condition is hindering your participation in sports or physical activities, affecting your job, or limiting your quality time with family and friends, Physical Therapy may be the key to helping you return to normal life as soon as possible.

If you're interested in learning how the Physical Therapy team at Athletes' Potential Columbus can aid in your swift and safe return to an active lifestyle, we invite you to begin with a completely free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at our clinic.

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Note: This Complimentary Comprehensive Body Assessment is a service we provide for individuals who may feel anxious or doubtful about Physical Therapy, uncertain about its advantages or suitability for their situation. If this resonates with you, we encourage you to begin with a Complimentary Comprehensive Body Assessment. This way, we can collaborate with you to identify any issues and determine potential solutions, all without any financial obligation on your part.


So, The Following Inquiry Arises:

"How Can Consulting A Physical Therapist At Athletes' Potential Columbus Lead To A Permanent Resolution Of Your Sports Injury?"

Here's what we can accomplish:

  • Swiftly alleviate pain and stiffness – often achieved in just a couple of sessions.
  • Identify the underlying issue and address the root cause of your injury conclusively – often within 20 minutes.
  • Restore your energy levels, enabling you to fully engage in your preferred sports and activities with confidence, enhancing your daily vitality.
  • Implement a tailored plan to rectify and fully heal your issue, along with providing a precise set of exercises to expedite your recovery.
  • Reduce reliance on painkillers, promoting long-term well-being.
  • Offer an alternative to invasive surgery and painful injections.
  • Help you circumvent prolonged periods of rest often recommended in a doctor's waiting room.
  • Facilitate a return to cherished moments with family and friends that your injury may have temporarily taken away.
  • Enable you to move freely without the fear of exacerbating the pain, allowing you to walk and engage in activities without hesitation.

The expert physical therapists at Athletes' Potential Columbus are adept at aiding individuals in managing or eradicating sports injuries, enabling a swift return to beloved recreational pursuits.

If you're interested in understanding the associated costs and our availability, kindly click the button below and fill out the brief form.

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You don’t have to sacrifice the runs you love over problems that can be fixed.


Dr. Matt Longfellow, PT, DPT, SCS, SFG-II

Founder of Athletes' Potential Columbus

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