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5 Favorite Quick Fixes for Knee Pain

mobility warming up Nov 01, 2016

Guess what?  Physical therapists sometimes have pain and dysfunction too!  We are only human. Often times, people will see me wrapping a voodoo band here and there, or digging a lacrosse ball into my shoulder.  It usually strikes up a conversation starting with, “What would you do if…..?” 
My ol’ volleyball knees tend to get creaky and achy sometimes, just as many athletes and patients often describe.  So, what do I do if I have knee pain?

These are my 5 favorite “quick fixes” for knee pain.  Obviously, management of knee pain is more comprehensive than 5 quick tips. However, these are for when you are in the middle of weightlifting, running, playing your sport and you get that nagging knee thing.  Ideally, you would consult a PT or watch a video of yourself moving to see what is causing the knee pain.  But understandably, sometimes we just need it to feel better RIGHT NOW.  

#1  Modified Couch Stretch- This is a great stretch for the front of the hip!  It is important that you stay tall and do not let the band pull your hips forward so that your back is banana shaped.  Propping the foot up on a ball takes up more slack in the quad and intensifies the stretch.  If you squeeze your booty, you will feel the stretch even more. Please kneel on something soft!  Prolonged pressure on the front of your knee will only exacerbate the issue.


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​#2  VooDoo Band- Using a voodoo band, wrap your knee beginning below the knee and leaving a gap for your kneecap.  Be sure it wrap it tightly!  After it is wrapped, any knee movement will be beneficial.  I like to do air squats and butt kicks to get deep knee flexion.  You could also sit down and bend and straighten your knee. Leaving it on for up to 2 minutes will give you the best bang for your buck. 


#3  Soft Tissue to quad- Often times, tension in the quad will cause knee pain right at the top of the knee cap or on either side.  Pressure to the soft tissue in the thigh area can help the quad relax and allow more pain-free range. My favorite tool for this is the handle of a kettlebell.  It allows more direct pressure than a foam roller and you can easily push down and then move it side-to-side for some release.  Another option is a lacrosse ball.  Just lie on your stomach, pin the ball on a sore spot on your quad, then bend and straighten your knee. Spend at least 2 minutes on this one.


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#4  Knee Gapping- Everyone’s favorite!  We like to use Yoga Tune Up Balls for this (as seen in the photo) but a double lacrosse ball or even a towel rolled up will work.  Simply put the balls in the bend of your knee, then use overpressure form your arms to bring your heel towards your booty.  This should feel good- like a stretch to your knee.  Two minutes of oscillating between overpressure and releasing it will do the trick.


​#5  Modify- Some days, the knees just aren’t on board.  If you have completed a thorough warmup and tried some self-management but the knee still feels iffy--- modify, modify, modify.  Don’t work through the pain!  There are plenty of ways to change a workout that will still be beneficial but not aggravating to the knees.  A great example is the box squat.  If I have knee pain, it’s usually with heavy back squats- ol’ volleyball knees, remember?  Box squats are a good option. I am still loading in the pattern I want, hitting the lumbopelvic muscle groups, but allowing my knees to stay back further so that the shear force is less.

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