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Blood Flow Restriction - What is it?

blood flow restriction dr. jacob dr. sam muscles physical therapy recovery Jul 21, 2021

Blood Flow Restriction - What is it?

Today we are going over one of our favorite treatment styles at Athletes' Potential- Blood Flow Restriction Training, or BFR. We use the Owens Recovery Delfi units in our office.

What are we doing with BFR? We are essentially restricting the blood flow that goes to a particular limb, in this case, Dr. Sam's arm by about 50%. What that does is restrict the blood flow coming out. Now when we do that, there are very interesting things that happen hormonally with exercise.

You can get up to 200% increase in your human growth hormone. This won't make you look like The Rock but you will start to recover faster and build your connective tissue in a quicker way that wouldn't normally happen in a regular gym setting.

If you haven't tried this or you'd like more information on this, please reach out to us!

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