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Do I Need Surgery?

healthcare & insurance Apr 19, 2018

Pain is NOT fun.  When it interferes with daily life, playing with kids, taking the dog for walks or fitness, it becomes very inconvenient. Chronic pain is an interesting phenomenon because we often don’t know the true cause.  Also, the intensity does not necessarily indicate the severity of the injury.  Pain does not equal damage!

​With chronic pain, imaging should have limited bearing on the decision for course of action. Although the images may show changes- tears, arthritis, etc.- what’s to say that is the pain generator?  Studies have been performed that demonstrate the 60%+ of people WITHOUT low back pain have imaging that shows bulges or degenerative changes.  So just because you have changes on images and pain, there is not definite proof of correlation for chronic pain.  We suggest to skip the routine imaging until you have tried other options to decrease the pain.


​Can you get rid of pain even without “fixing” the tissue with surgery? Yes!  The body is incredibly resilient and resourceful. The body has the ability to heal; this coupled with strategic strengthening in supporting musculature can knock pain out completely. There are exceptions to every rule, but at our clinic I have seen more “injuries” successfully treated with mobility and strengthening than with surgery.  Honestly, some that chose surgery realized the recovery was more tedious and painful than managing the pain while we worked through a rehab program.

Don’t get me wrong, surgery is absolutely necessary sometimes. If there is major instability around a joint or a traumatic event, we are so thankful for surgery! But it definitely something to avoid if you don’t absolutely need it.  

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​Do I need surgery?
Have you tried physical therapy?
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What are your goals?
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Don’t settle for a “quick fix” and think that going under the knife is the first and only option.  Work with a physical therapist to decrease the pain, improve the function and teach you how to keep your body healthy!  We would love to help you get back to a pain-free and high functioning life.

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 Remember, Movement is Medicine! 

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