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Active Atlanta Podcast- Episode 12

active atlanta podcast Feb 27, 2020
Active Atlanta Podcast- Athletesā€™ Potential Atlantaā€™s Best Physical Therapy
Hey, what's going on? Doc Danny here with the Active Atlanta Podcast and today we I get to introduce you to one of our team members, Claire Fetter. Claire is our office manager/blood flow restriction Ninja, who's been with us for about five years now and what I want to do is be able to highlight just how extensive the backgrounds of people that we work with actually are. Claire is someone that, when we first met, she was actually at a CrossFit gym and she continues to coach at Crossfit 11:24 in Marietta. She has an extensive strength and conditioning background, as well. We wanted to be able to give her a chance to introduce herself so that when you guys come in, if that happens, that you know who you're talking to and you give her the respect she deserves.


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