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Find Out Why the Proteus Machine Is A Must for Golfers

atlanta dr. caleb golf performance physical therapy rotation strength training Jun 01, 2023

The Proteus machine is a performance testing and training tool unlike any other and it is especially beneficial for golfers and other swing athletes. Here’s why: 


  1. The Proteus is capable of both testing AND training purposes AND applies resistance in the transverse or rotational plane which no other machine is capable of doing effectively. Proteus uses a long free moving adjustable lever arm that applies equal resistance in all planes of motion, much like a being fully submerged in water. 
  2. Golf is entirely a transverse plane sport which means that current strength training falls short of providing adequate rotational testing and rotational strength training stimuli. Very few conventional exercises used to develop strength and power are specific to golf. 
  3. Proteus distinguishes which aspects of training you need to focus on and compares your results to any athletic population of your choosing. Once testing is completed, Proteus provides an extensive breakdown of what areas of performance are most lacking. Proteus also is able to track your progress through periodic testing as well as compare you to your peers. 
  4. Proteus workouts are designed to target weak areas of your performance based on your testing. Specific exercises and workouts are developed based on the results of your testing to make sure that training are are as productive as possible.  


If you’ve never used the Proteus machine and you’re a golfer, you’re missing out on a huge piece of developing your game. Head on over to The Rack Athletic Performance Center and give it a shot. You and your game will thank me!


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