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Get A (Better) Grip! Proper Golfing Form and Why It's Important.

dr. caleb golf physical therapy rotation youth sports Mar 23, 2023

It’s the only point of connection between you and your club. So why is grip so often overlooked? Usually the reason is the correct grip is awkward and unnatural at first, unless you grew up golfing. The way we hold a baseball bat, a tennis racket, or anything else for that matter, in sports, is usually based on what feels most comfortable. In golf, there is a correct way to grip a club and you may not be aware. 


Proper/Neutral Grip

  1. The club should rest comfortably in your fingers with the rest of the hands feeling as though they are folding on top of the rest of the grip 
  2. On the hand closest to you at set up, about 2 knuckles should be visible from the front view

The creases of your hands created by your thumb and index finger on both hands, should point toward your trail shoulder.

Weak Grip

  1. No knuckles visible on hand closest to the body and creases of thumb and index finger pointing at lead shoulder
  2. Does not allow for proper control of the face of the club 
  3. Results in a slice due to the club face being open at impact

This grip should be avoided at all times.


Strong Grip 

  1. 3 or more knuckles visible on hand closest to the body and creases of thumb and index finger pointing at trail shoulder or beyond 
  2. Promotes a more in-to-out swing path and more control of the face at impact
  3. Results in a draw or if too strong of a grip is used it can produce a nasty hook

This grip is okay to use but should be used cautiously if one tends to hook the ball.

Try out the proper grip at the range and give it some time to feel less awkward. Lower scores are in your future with a solid grip. 

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