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Giving Birth? Here's Our Top Three Tips to Feel More Empowered with Pushing!

birth columbus labor and delivery pelvic floor physical therapy postpartum pregnancy May 11, 2023

Labor and delivery is a major life event. It is transformative and can be powerful, yet it is under-discussed and birthing persons usually go into labor and delivery undereducated and unprepared. I find it fascinating that we train for marathons, we train for new jobs, we are taught how to drive a car, how to ride a bike… yet one of the most pivotal moments in life we are never trained for and we receive very little education on how to prepare our bodies.

Most of the concerns and questions I get working with birthing moms is, "How do I get the baby out?" or, "How do I push?"

I usually try to reframe this question by stating, "Instead of forcing the baby out, why don’t we learn how to let the baby out?”


What are my top three tips to feel more empowered with pushing?

1. Free The Sacrum: The pelvis is a very dynamic structure during delivery. The sacrum is the triangular bone in the back of the pelvis and it lifts up in order to allow a more open passage. If you are lying on your sacrum, it can get stuck. I like to equate it to a jammed door that just won’t open. It’s hard to get into the next room if the door won't open! Refer to this video on ways to help the sacrum move. 

2. Change Your Pushing Position: The baby is rotating and changing position throughout the labor and delivery process. If the baby is having a difficult time rotating in the pelvis, it could be the position you are in, moving your body into a different position might be the trick. Refer to the pictures below for some pushing positions to try.

3. Listen To Your Uterus: Your uterus is a muscle and the powerhouse of delivery. It is the job of the pelvic floor and the rest of the body to relax, so the uterus can do its work. We need to respect the uterus and work with the uterus. If your body is tense and your pelvic floor is tense, it will limit the ability of the uterus to move the baby. Try these tips to help relax your body: 

  • Relax the jaw and body with low groaning sounds. 
  • Having a hard time releasing tension? Try sitting on the toilet and emptying the bladder. 
  • Still having a hard time? Try gargling water to break the tension in the jaw and body. 
  • If you are not comfortable, change your position. Don’t be afraid to try new positions to allow for the progression of labor. If a position is not working for you… do something different! 


As a pelvic health physical therapist, I am uniquely trained to guide you and prepare you for the labor and delivery process. It is one of my deepest passions to help you feel more confident and prepared for this experience. If you are in the Columbus area, our office is located in Worthington off of Busch Blvd.

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