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Golfing On A Budget: How to Progress Your Game without Breaking The Bank

atlanta dr. caleb golf performance physical therapy rotation May 18, 2023

Let’s be honest: golf isn’t the most accessible sport for most people and the cost to play is a huge barrier. Nearly everything costs money if you’re trying to get better at golf: the clubs, the balls, the rounds, the range, etc. So, what are some strategies to both get better at golf and also save some money in the process? We’re about to find out. 


1. Short game practice 


  • Hands down the most important aspect of golf 


  • Nearly all public courses allow you to putt and chip for free 


  • Even going to the putting/chipping green a few times a week will drastically improve your game 


2. Walking instead of riding 

  • Most cart fees begin at $15+ per round of 18 holes 


3. Buying used clubs, golf balls, etc. 

  • Used golf gear usually last for a good while and come much cheaper than any new gear 
  • You can go to a golf shop in person to try out which clubs you like best and then buy the used version online 


4. Practicing dry golf drills 

  • There are so many golf drills that help you develop your game without having to hit a ball, some without even the use of a club 


5. Booking rounds of golf on discount websites or at discounted times of the day 

  • There are many apps and websites such as GolfNow, Supreme Golf, etc. that will offer discounted rates for certain days or times 
  • Many courses will offer discounted rates for tee times they are unable or less likely to fill 


6. Playing mid-week rather than on the weekends 

  • Mid-week pricing is usually drastically cheaper than playing on the weekends and even cheaper if you’re able to walk the course 


7. Purchasing a golf net to practice at home 

  • Although it’s an expense initially, there are a lot of different golf nets that are not overly expensive and once you have one, you can practice as much as you’d like for free 
  • The only barrier to this is whether or not you have space to put the net 


Try these out to get better at golf while saving money in the process!


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