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How To Use A Standing Desk

dr. danny performance physical therapy Aug 31, 2016

So you made the switch to a standing desk. Congratulations, you are on your way to breaking free from the ball and chain that is your computer chair. 

Here's a scenario I often hear from the clients I get to switch to a standing desk. It's day one at their standing desk and the client is feeling great. Finally liberated from their chair and ready to reclaim their athletic prowess! After an hour their knee starts to ache a little bit but no worries, the body has to adjust right. After the second hour their back starts to ache a little bit. No problem, it's not as bad as sitting all day. By hour four they're leaning against their desk as if they just finished a marathon trying to off load as much body weight as possible on to their new desk. No worries guys, there are some simple fixes to help you with your transition to a standing desk.

Here's the deal people. Standing desks are awesome, but you also have to understand that standing is a skill! This second part to our standing desk series goes over how to stand at your desk and techniques to be comfortable standing all day long. 

If you haven't seen part one, check it out. Also, keep your an eye out for Kelly's new book Deskbound! It's going to cover a ton of strategies to help keep your body healthy while you spend all day in your wonderful cubicle. ​​


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