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“Lazy” Recovery Techniques After a Hard Day

May 19, 2022

You work hard. You want to stay fit and flexible. But, it's 7pm and dishes have to be put away and damnit if you still aren’t sore and stiff from that workout two days ago. Is it possible to both rest on the couch and also do some recovery work? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a nice massage and stretch while also winding down with a TV show? Follow this blog post for a short series of my FAVORITE couch-based recovery techniques where you can both be “lazy” and effective!

First step, put on your favorite show on the TV, grab a kettlebell, and let's get to work! Don't have a kettlebell? Go get one! They last a lifetime and open up a whole new realm of possibilities with your fitness.  For example, this first massage technique:

1. The Couch Quad Massage (3-5min on each quadricep)

While sitting and starting your first show, take your kettlebell and rest it on your thigh. Use it to massage your tight quads! Search around for any stiff trigger point that you could release and just let the kettlebell rest there. Not intense enough? Angle the kettlebell so the corner of the bottom or even the handle is resting on that trigger point. 



Now this WILL BE INTENSE but also effective. You want this to be strong but not so much that you are tensing up. You don’t even have to move the kettlebell. Just let it sit on the tender spot, relax into the trigger point release, and let the quad release!

I prefer a 35-pound kettlebell, but feel free to experiment with the size.

2. The Couch Quad Stretch (3-5min for each quadricep)

Start by standing up into a lunge position and putting your back knee into the deep part of the couch. See this photo for an example:


From here, squeeze your butt and push your hips forward slightly. You should feel a good quadricep stretch. If you don’t, stand up a bit taller. You may need to do this near the armrest of the couch so you can balance using your hand. This is one of my FAVORITES after a tough run or squat day. 

3. The Couch Pigeon Stretch (3-5min for each hip)

From a sitting position, lean towards one hip and shift your opposing leg backwards as in this photo (keep your head and chest up to see the TV!)


This one is easy to enjoy during your show! Try some deep breathing if you can while enjoying this big hip stretch. 

4. BONUS: The Couch Calf Massage (3-5min each calf)

Grab your kettlebell or lacrosse ball, have a seat on the ground in front of your couch, and put your calf on top of your object of choice and enjoy a bit of a calf massage as seen in the photo:


After these four “lazy” recovery techniques, you should be feeling relaxed, recovered, AND you got caught up on a favorite show of yours! 

I hope you enjoy these techniques as much as I do. :) 

Dr Marcus PT DPT

Performance Physical Therapist
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