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Not Your Grandma's Physical Therapy!

healthcare & insurance Apr 05, 2018

We hear this too often:

“I’ll wait until I’m injured to go to physical therapy.”
“My shoulder hurts but I’m just going to wait a few weeks and see if it goes away.”
“When my knee started hurting I went straight to the ortho surgeon for recommendations.”
“I’ve had back pain for 15 years.  It is just a part of being old; there is nothing they can do!”

Many people still picture physical therapy as the place your grandma goes when she has a hip replacement or after a shoulder injury where you perform simple band exercises for 6 weeks. Unfortunately, this leads people to think that physical therapy isn’t for them.

If folks don’t go to a physical therapist first, they go to their primary care doc or other medical docs. Many times they end up seeing an orthopedic surgeon who suggests expensive imaging that often elevates fear but also may lead to unnecessary procedures. Ok, so surgery is the extreme.  Many times, people will wait a few weeks (or months!) to get it checked out.  For most injuries or pains, physical therapy sooner rather than later will decrease the time it takes to get you back in the game and decrease your cost.


​But what about those of us who have had pain for 6 months or 6 years?!  You will see the best results from a movement specialist (that’s us!) watching you move—carry objects, bend and lift, run, lift weights, etc—and correcting any dysfunction. Hopefully the surgeon suggests physical therapy first!  Then you know where to call. ☺


​Physical therapy at Athletes’ Potential is different from your usual PT clinic:

     - One on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
     - One hour per visit
     - Skilled hands-on techniques
     - Personalized homework- not just therabands and hamstring stretches!
     - No referral needed

Case Example: A middle aged, male patient with chronic shoulder pain for over 15 years!  Imaging showed a massive rotator cuff tear and labral tear.  Orthopedic surgeon was ready for surgery ASAP; just to be clear, this is a pretty severe injury so surgery is often first thing on the table.  However, this patient wanted to try anything BUT surgery.  After 12 weeks of commitment to rehab homework, coming in weekly for hands-on work and slow return to golfing, he was pain-free and beginning to have full range in his swing.  Now a year later, he has no shoulder pain and a pretty solid golf swing. We focused on decreasing pain and improving function rather than harping on “fixing” the tear. It takes patience, dedication and active involvement from the patient—but it is possible!


All of this to say, if you have pain with sitting at your desk, picking up the kids or during your fitness routine, DON’T WAIT until it take you out of the game.  The earlier we can address it, the sooner it will feel better.  Less time and money than the other options!

Why is physical therapy at Athletes’ Potential different? As Danny always says, if you have a body you’re an athlete.  Your “rehab” should prepare you to play with your kids on the ground and carry 15 grocery bags at one time!  Pelvic tilts and therabands won’t get you there.
Give us a call and let us know how we can help YOU!

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