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Overcome Knee Pain

knee pain mobility Sep 29, 2020
Overcome Knee Pain - Athletes Potential Atlanta's Best Physical Therapy
During the month of September we focused our efforts on helping YOU combat nagging knee. It's super helpful to take the time to watch the first video before moving on to the rest. You need to understand the types of knee pain and where yours might be coming from before you can start to solve a problem. As always, reach out to us if you're not getting better, you have questions or you're ready to get out of pain and start living your life.
Knee Pain can be frustrating. However, in order to improve it, you need to know what you're dealing with. Are you having more mobility related issues or stability and control issues? Confused? Watch Dr. Danny walk you through 2 simple tests to see which category you fall into.
What if you don't have enough mobility and you have knee pain? These exercises will give you hope! Walk through these exercises with Dr. Jacob and see if you can improve your mobility and decrease your knee pain.
1. Couch Stretch- one of our all time favorite drills- but focus on the cues.
2. Knee gapping- if your pain is coming from your joints, this is the exercise for you.
3. Hamstring mobility- grab a band and work on your hamstring mobility to help improve your knee pain.
Are you having knee pain? Dr. Marcus is going to walk you through 3 exercises to strengthen your leg to decrease knee pain and get stronger.
1. The first one is a classic- wall sits. He throws in some twists for those of you that think you're too strong.
2. One way to get strong legs is to target your hamstrings with hamstring roll outs. Move out as far as you are comfortable while maintaining form.
​3. Last we want you to target your glutes.

Go through these and see if you can help decrease your knee pain. If not, or these are too painful, you need an expert to help you
If you're having knee pain, here are 3 cues to help alleviate some pain.
1.The first one, is the simplest, SIT DOWN! Compare this to your squat and see how much further back your hips AND knees are.
2. Practice squatting without sitting and focus on keeping your knees back. Do not let your knee come over your toes.
3. Focus on pointing your knees out towards your pinky toes. Do not let your knees come into your big toe. Knees out!

​Give these a shot and see how you can improve any lingering knee pain. Questions? Give us a call at 470-355-2106.

Let us help you figure out to live your best active life today! 

 Remember, Movement is Medicine! 

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