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Parenthood and Pain Part 2

back pain dr. danny postpartum pregnancy Feb 26, 2014


So you learned how to hold a baby in Part 1 but that's the easy part. Now we have to go over how to pick these little suckers up off the ground!

It's my honest opinion that kids often times intentionally try and make it as hard as possible to pick them up. When my son doesn't want bath time to end but I'm tired of dodging wet foam alphabet letters, it's time to pick him up. Picking up a 28 lbs toddler may not sound very difficult but if you think that, you obviously don't have kids. Try this to get a better understanding of what it's like. Go to a fish market and buy a 28 lbs live salmon. Now fill the bath tub up and put the fish in the water after you cover it in soap. Now bend over and try and pick up the fish and wrap it in a towel. Let me know how that works out for you.

Today's video is designed to help you save your back while you perform your parenting activities. Whether it be getting a kid out of the tub, putting them in a car seat or getting them in and out of a crib. Parenthood is basically performing high volumes of deficit deadlifts in really awkward positions.
Best of luck with the kids!

Dr. Danny, PT, DPT



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