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Parenthood and Pain: Part 3

back pain dr. danny postpartum pregnancy Mar 05, 2014

So you learned how to hold your kids in Part 1 and then learned how to pick your kids up in Part 2. Now that you fine physical specimens have that stuff under control it's time to learn how to fix yourself!
The reality is sometimes we can't help but be in a bad position with our kids. Sometimes you have to round your back to get your toddler out of the tub. Sometimes you have to keep you neck in a flexed position for a long time when you are giving a baby a bottle or breast feeding. Shit, sometimes you even have to sit for long periods of time in chairs designed for people that are 3 feet tall and you may be 6'2, like me. In these situations it's up to us to correct some of the damage we may be doing to ourselves.
Today is about correcting the upper back and neck. A nice little addition to this is that it will also do wonders for your overhead position. It's a win win! Minimize the effect of crappy positions while chasing your kids around and snatch more!
Good luck and thanks for all the positive feedback about the parents series. Kids are awesome but so is a pain free back!

Dr. Danny, PT, DPT



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