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Strength Training To Failure: Is It Safe? Is It Necessary?

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I get this question a lot: "If I don’t do as many reps as I can, will I still get stronger?"

Let’s answer that question. 


Strength training, like anything else, shouldn’t be done to failure for a couple of reasons:

  1. Risk for injury: As we approach failure our tissues become less efficient in performance and when you combine lack of motor control and a load (especially a heavy one), our risk for injury is significantly increased.
  2. Strength gains are similar when training near failure compared to complete failure: Research shows that objective strength gains are either the same or extremely similar when training 


Q: How do I know what “near failure” means? 

A: Repetitions in reserve 


This concept refers to the amount of reps you think you could perform if you actually went to failure. 


Example: Say a lifter is performing a tough set of 10 reps with a back squat. After their set, they should confidently be able to say that they could perform 12-13 reps total but ONLY if they had to do so. 


Apply this into your training regimen and see if this doesn’t help your recovery and strength gains!


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