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The Squat, Different But The Same

dr. danny squatting Jan 29, 2014

When was the last time you dropped into a full depth squat? Honestly, think about it, ass to grass bottomed out squat. Hopefully your answer was today or at least yesterday. Sadly the majority of Western society squats very little. In Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the squat is a position of comfort. It's also necessary because eventually they are going to have to take a poo. 

Often times we hear the excuse that an athlete can't squat below parallel because of their height or leg length. This absolutely will be a determining factor on how easily you can remain in the bottom position of a squat. We do however feel that 99% of individuals can obtain a full depth squat with their heels flat on the ground. Below is a video of Andrew Killion of District Crossfit and Dr. Danny Matta of Athletes' Potential talking about similarities and differences in the squat pattern. We both advise athletes that want to improve their squat to start spending time in the bottom of a squat as often as possible. The body recognizes movement patterns very well and adapts to new positions. 
Keep spending time in a squat everyday and hey, maybe one day you'll be able to take a poo in Japan!

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