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Three Simple Ways to Approach Nutrition This Holiday Season

atlanta dr. marcus nutrition physical therapy stress management Dec 08, 2022


ā€‹The holiday season is upon us! We've been keeping a good routine with our fitness, getting good rest, and have been doing our best to put our phones down before bedtime. I'm here to tell you that breaking nutrition routines, then starting them back up, can be one of the toughest things to deal with during these wonderful holidays and that you're not alone! So many people I work with have difficulties getting back on the saddle after such celebratory events. This article is here to remind you that changes in your routine are NEEDED during these holidays, and that getting back on the saddle is best when you are able to find the head/heartspace for it.

So, what exactly are you supposed to do during this time?

Follow my three-step plan:


Go out and celebrate with your family and friends and relish in the time you all have together. Break rules and enjoy the break in the routine that you've worked so hard for throughout the year. Food, after all, can be fun and lots of people will enjoy it with you.

Once you've found enjoyment in your meals and family time, ironically you're probably needing a break from all of the celebratory events! What should you do once the dust has settled and you can find some head/heartspace for yourself?


After all the craziness that was the holidays, get back on your routines! Some of my favorite ways to kickstart my own routines after the holidays are to set a short 2-4 week goal for myself, such as a specific clean eating goal or a more flexible "intuitive eating" goal. 

A "clean eating goal" would be something like:
- No glutens
- No alcohol
- High protein

If you haven't heard of "intuitive eating," there's tons of research about its effectiveness, as well as its support of psychological health. Here's a review of some of the studies surrounding intuitive eating. Dive in if you'd like some ideas!

After you've found a good structure to restart your year, what should you do?


Eating well is social! If you can find a friend, family member, or spouse to go on this journey with you, it'll be so much more rewarding. They don't have to follow your routine, as they can have their own. Simply having someone to be with as you're going through this is CRITICAL for success of a new routine. 

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ā€‹Hopefully this short blog was helpful in giving you some support during this holiday season. Now go out there and enjoy the rest of the holidays, with friends, family, food, and gifts!

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