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What's The Best Way To Warm Up Before A Run?

columbus performance physical therapy running stretching warming up Apr 28, 2023

It’s early Saturday morning and you roll out of bed to do your long run. You have been training for a marathon and you want to get the long run finished before it gets too hot outside. As you get out of bed your body feels stiff and you feel the need to get loosened up before you head out the door. You know that static stretching has not been shown to be effective, but performing a dynamic warm-up is something that can get your body ready for a great run.

The reason a warm-up is so important is that it gets blood flowing to muscles that you will be using during your run. It allows your body to get right into the miles without a sluggish and stiff feeling. The great thing is that it only takes a few minutes and requires no equipment. Here are the best movements to get your body prepped for your run.


The great thing about this is that you can spend 1-2 minutes (depending on if you are short on time) on each movement and get your blood flowing. When you step out the door, you will not feel sluggish or stiff for the first couple of miles. Give it a shot before you go on your next run!


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