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Year Two In The Books... Thanks To YOU!

dr. danny Aug 03, 2016


Two years ago was a huge transition in my life and the lives of my family. We decided to leave active duty service in the U.S Army. We did this so I could work with a mentor of mine, Kelly Starrett. I took a position on his staff as an instructor for a group called MobilityWOD and have had the opportunity to travel the world teaching people how to take care of their bodies and improve their movement.

To keep me busy during the week we decided to open a small clinic in a CrossFit gym in West Midtown Atlanta. We still have this office and, it’s funny, looking back on what we started and how it has grown.

We started in a room in the corner of a CrossFit gym. The room has no windows. It isn’t fancy and it sure as hell didn’t wow anyone when they walked in. What we did have was a desire to change the way people are treated in the healthcare system. We believe and still do believe that the most important person in healthcare is the individual that is seeking help. It’s sure as hell not the insurance companies or massive hospitals that are trying to consolidate clinics around them.

We started with the idea that we wanted to have the time to listen to our patients. We wanted the time to not just find out their name but know their kids name. We wanted to know where they grew up and if they are a dog or a cat person. (I’m a dog person if you’re wondering, my wife is a cat person. Opposites attract!) This is developing a true relationship with someone, not just poking around on their shoulder and asking them where it hurts.

With this dedication to serving the individual, we’ve seen extraordinary results with people that have had weeks, months, even decades of pain/disability. We’ve had mothers who couldn’t run without hip pain following their last child, return to and successfully complete marathons. We’ve had accountants with 20 years of sitting under their belt come in with terrible neck pain. They leave being able to breath better, get back into physical training and without numbness and tingling in their hands when they fall asleep.  We’ve had military special operations soldiers come in from as far away as New Mexico and helped them resolve chronic issues that would have caused them to be discharged from the military. We’ve even been fortunate enough to help some true professional athletes continue to be successful in their sport and prolong their careers.

We did all of this in a poorly lit room with no windows in the corner of a CrossFit gym. We helped not just the people referenced above but roughly 800 other people just like them. We did this by waking up daily and striving to be better than the day before. Learning and progressing is not optional, it’s the only way to truly help others in this field.

Now we are growing and have expanded to a full stand alone facility in the Decatur area. We’ve been able to bring on more employees including another Physical Therapist (she’s insanely talented, by the way). 


​The real reason we’ve been able to do all of this is you. You, the person reading this right now that we’ve helped get back to CrossFit or running or tennis. The person that we’ve helped pick up their kids out of the bathtub without back pain. The person that told their friend they can trust us and they needed to come and give us a shot. We are so thankful for your support of our business. Your trust in us with your friends and family means more than you realize.

Many people look around today and say the healthcare system is broken. We feel all of the changes and uncertainty with healthcare is an opportunity to creatively grow and go against the grain of high volume, poor quality care. We will never sacrifice our core values, make a decision that is not in the best interest of our patient or have third party insurance companies dictate how we can treat the people that seek our help.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Athletes’ Potential family. We are excited to continue to grow and improve our ability to help you and your loved ones. We look forward to growing with you but will never forget where it all started. A windowless room in the corner of a CrossFit gym!

- Dr. Danny, PT, DPT

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